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Hi All,
I just wanted to let you know I had a great adventure in Scotland. I didn't go searching for the forts and I didn't hike in the Highlands...two things I really wanted to do...but I had a fabulous time taking in the place. We went up through Edinburgh all the way to Inverness and down to Glasgow, via the Isle of Skye. The best part were the Highlands...south of Inverness, Glencoe and that area. I told my uncle today that the area south of Fort William is the best! If I ever go missing out of the blue I told him he could find me there. (Don't tell anyone of course!) And the Scottish and Irish are my kind of people...warm and kind and treat you like family. Not like the stuffy offense to the English who are also among my ancestors and of whom I have a great many friends at the present. But there is something to say of the Scottish and Irish...I think the whole object of their conversation is to entertain the others. And is rarely based on truth of course...delightful! And the accent is so wonderful. I got a big kick out of "a wee moose" (A small mouse in English) among other things...I kept having to ask everyone to rpeat themselves. I actually met Wallace AND Rob Roy if you can believe it...I have pictures to prove it! I loved Rosslyn Chapel and spent a long while there although I couldn't find the maize. I have tons of photos. Anyone have a photo of the maize? I took lots of digital photos but still don't know how to get them online. I'll give you more details soon and see what I can do about that. Thanks so much for all the great advice. My Dad and I had lots of time to chat and we had a long discussion/argument of whether the "mysteries" exist after our visit to Rosslyn. Funny how mainstreamers think all stuff in the world is fully explained and understood.
Love and hugs my friends,

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