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We Dinae drink beer up here Mr Chico, whisky is a highland drink, beer is for lowland saps that live south of Perth. :)


Lochness is the largest freshwater lake in mainland uk, it is 29 miles long, 1 mile wide and 800 feet deep at its deepest point. The great glen that contains Lochness, rises steeply on either side of the loch surface, to over 1000 feet. The great glen is also the largest fault line in the uk, it bisects northern scotland and runs in a north east south west direction. I've never seen any monsters in lochness, but I won't dismiss it either.

Boleskin House is situated on the south side of lochness, 1 mile north east of Foyers, there is nothing to see there, other than the roof.

The Clava ring cairns are 1 mile south of Culloden battlefield, I would say visit Clava, and forget Culloden battlefield; the cairns are more interesting, they are said to date from between 1500 and 2000 bc.

The vitrified hillforts are something else, they range in size from 27 feet long to 1000 feet long, there are 2 overlooking Inverness. Craigphadrig pronounced "craig fat rig" sits directly over the town and is thought to have been the stronghold of king brude. This hillfort is oval in shape and is between 200 and 300 feet on its longest axis. The larger of the two hillforts sits to the north east of the town on Ord Hill, which is on the black isle' just over the kessock bridge' this so called fort is 1000 feet on its longest axis.

People say glassy forts, and you get the impression that the walls are smooth and shiny like glass, they are not like that, the walls are like a shiny conglomerate, they consist of boulders and pebbles of all sizes, just like a conglomerate rock, but these ones are shiny, but not smooth.

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