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Cleopatra wrote:
> What are the glass forts and where are they?
> Cheers,
> Cleo

The glass forts are 2000 year old forts (probably) that were made famous in the Arthur C Clarke mysteries series. They are vitrified hillforts, and attempts to recreate them have all failed. Using the means that wud have been available to the ppl at the time anyway. This passage tries to make show how they could have been made, but it's nonsense, when attempts to recreate them were actually tried, all they managed was to vitrify a lump of rock mabbe as big as a childs fist. They worked out there is not enuff wood ij the whole of Scotland to create such a fort.

In our vitrified forts, too, it is possible that we behold a relic of the times and observances of Druidism. This is the likeliest solution of a problem which, after many attempts, still remains unsolved. We know that on a certain night of the year immense bonfires were kindled on the more conspicuous of our hill tops, and the whole country from one end to the other, was lit up with the blaze of these pyres. The intense heat of such immense masses of wood as were consumed on these sites year by year through a series of centuries, must, in process of time have converted the stones and rocks on which they were kindled into a vitrified mass. The idea that theses vitrifications were forts is barely admissible. They occur, with a few exceptions, on mountains which possess no strategical quality, and which were not likely to have been selected in any great plan of national fortification, supporting the natives capable of forming such a scheme of military defence. The undoubted hill-fortresses of Scotland may be traced by hundreds in their still existing remains, but these are of a character wholly different from the antiques of which we are now speaking. The site selected for their erection was some hill of moderate height, standing forward from the chain of mountains that swept along behind it and which overlooked the wide plains and far-extending straths which lay spread out in front. The builders of these strengths, whoever they were, did not seek to fuse the materials with which they worked into a solid mass, they were content to draw around the mountain-tops, which they fortified, a series of concentric walls, broad and strong, constructed of loose stones, with ample space betwixt each circular rampart for the troops to maneuver. The vitrifications, on the other hand, are scattered over our mountainous districts, with no strategical line binding them together, and in the absence of any conceivable use to be served by them, which would compensate for the toil of dragging up their materials to the elevated sites where they are found, the annual occurrence of a religious observance which, year by year, during a very lengthened period, rekindled on the same spot immense bonfires, presents us with by much the likeliest solution of their origin.
Here are two sites with a lil info.

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