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Rosslyn Chapel - some background information.


official website - []

the headquarters of the medieval Scottish Knights Templar - Balantradoch

Glamis Castle - Queen Mothers home. Reported to be one of the most haunted locations in the world.


How far North do you plan to go ?
Loch Ness - East Coast Road there is a small hamlet called Boleskin - Boleskin House, the home of Aleister Crowley. (Not open to the public)

Urquhart Castle on West Coast of the Loch

Lock Ness to search for Nessie... :-)

Braveheart locations


Glencoe where some of Braveheart was filmed

A medieval village was built by filmmakers in Glen Nevis at the foot of Britain's biggest mountain, Ben Nevis.

Braveheart - Statue of William Wallace near Dryburgh Abbey

Wallace Monument - Near Stirling

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