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>>I stick with those I can take seriously and are their mind is in it for all the right reasons.<< stick with those who agree with your opinion, that is perfectly understandable.

>>Propraganda from me? LOL. Take a look around and look who is actually posting endless streams of articles on all the same things day after day.<< Pictures included and all that jazz that one might mistake themselves living in North Korea.<<

.....yes from you! I looked around Bill, I see others but I still see plenty of you too. Would you like me to stop all the others, so you can post without fear of contradiction?

>>Pictures included and all that jazz that one might mistake themselves living in North Korea.<< might mistake you for living in America!!

>>Anyway, when exactly did you sell out?<<

....what do you mean by this? Are you questioning my balance as a moderator or do you wish to question my background?

I'll have to leave the assessment of my moderating skills, in the hands of the Webmaster, Mr Hancock and all posters on this forum. On a personal note, I do not like Politicians of any persuasion and will not swallow an 'official line' offered by any of them (yes Bill, 'official lines', exist across the Political spectrum).

I will not nail my allegiance to any Political flagpole Bill, can the same be said for you?.

I refuse to be pigeon-holed, just because I do not happen to agree with the reasons given for the conflict in Iraq and question an individual, who constantly posts blatant pro-war propaganda.

I would like to know the truth and the facts behind the reasons for engaging Iraq in conflict, because, the initial reason (WMD) has, so far, proved groundless. This threat was given, by Tony Blair to his own party members and Parliament, as the reason for conflict.

Billy, there have been many movements of goal posts and shuffling of excuses by the governments involved in all this. If I am guilty of anything, it is that I will not agree with something that I am not convinced about.


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