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Thanks for the article Carlos. I enjoy reading about light and am fascinated by all the various fields of knowledge it is mentioned in.

After reading your article I recalled a true story I had once read. Ouite awhile back so I'm forgetful on where I read it. However, I thought you might enjoy the gist of it as it relates to the varying colors of Light.

A man loved to sail and in his retirement years enjoyed racing. He had won a good many races, enough to warrant an interview. Not to mention the curiosity surrounding his method. He didn't use the standard instruments in sailing, he used his vision. Said he saw the air in moving colors and had come to know how to sail according to the movements of the colors. He said it just came natural to him. And in almost all cases he could maneuver the sea better than most.

My grandparents were sensitive to weather patterns among other things in nature. And I'd take their "local" predictions over Dopler Radar any day! :) They also used the colors of the sky to "tell them" what was up. This isn't an uncommon ability around these parts and certainly can be found in oral and written traditions around the world.


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