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the physical interpretation of the phrase 'F... off', the two fingered V sign is attributed to English archers, who wreaked havoc on their opponents during the Hundred Years War with France.

Apparently the 'drawing' fingers of the English archers were chopped off by the French if ever they were captured. To indicate that they still had their 'drawing' fingers and were about to do some serious damage to their foe, archers would taunt the French troops before a battle by showing them their 'drawing' fingers in a two fingered 'V' salute.

Winston Churchill would use the acceptable inverted V sign to indicate 'victory' during WW2. He also, to the delight of the people battered during the Blitz, gave the the two fingered 'taunt' to the Nazi's in propaganda photographs. When some upper class people pointed out his 'error', he told them that he knew exactly what each version meant!


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