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That title, btw, is a figure of speech. :)

"Freemasonry looks right, feels right and seems right, in the mirror but the image in the mirror is exactly the opposite of what is the real thing."

Ok great, so you have "proven" (LoL!) that Masonry is actually a Luciferian doctrine perpetuating an occultist agenda that has swayed the minds of well-meaning middle and upper class people in to belonging to an organization that practices satanic worship, etc.etc.etc. Notice how you never mention that Freemasons are responsible for some of the most successful charitable organizations in the world. Nope, it's just one big satanic conspiracy. Now my question to you is this.

And SO? What would you have us do now that you have 'exposed' this evil group? Should we go lynch them? How about burning down there lodges? How about we dismantle the charities they run which contribute over $10 million A DAY to different hospitals, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters across the US. Boy, that would really show 'em huh!

"If you disagree with my findings, Why don't you pick out bits you disagree with and explain why and where I've got it wrong? "

I have done this ad nauseum on multiple threads, that you choose not to be logical is beyond my control.

"People want to find out about the world about them and especially about organisations that have influence over society. "

Yep, sure do.

"For example, one poster in this thread has mentioned that his Presbyterian Church in Ireland issued a statement that membership of Freemasonary is not compatable with Church membership."

That's funny, the Pope has come out on multiple occasions saying otherwise. So have many other clergy and members of the faith. The reason they have no problems with Freemasonry is THEY AREN'T ALLOWED TO DISCUSS RELIGION OR POLITICS AT LODGE MEETINGS. NOR ARE ANY MEMBERS REQUIRED TO PROFESS FAITH TO ANYTHING OTHER THAN A GRAND ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE=GOD.

"If investigators didn't investigate Richard Nixon, he would never have been found out!"

Ahh, so now you're Woodward and Bernstein? PUUUHLeeease Milo. All you do is reguritate others opinions. And BTW, these other people have been as unsuccessful as you in attempting to show Masonry as a Satanic cult. What else do you honestly think you have accomplished in this quest for the unknown?

"I'm surprised at you really because you appear to be pro anti-corruption, in the mirror and yet you are against researching the Masons!"

I am? Who said that? I have researched the Masons quite extensively, thus the reasons for my understanding of the orders history and purpose. You have selectively read one side of the coin and until you research some history from the other side, you are perpetuating a biased argument. Go read the Jasper Ridley book please, to start. There are MANY others.

I will not debate Masons with you Milo because I have already tried to show you why the sources you pull from are biased and irrational, yet you choose to ignore this. I see no need in defending the Masons from you because you honestly are absolutely ZERO threat to their credibility.


ps.s Yeah, I did love that 2001 post. :)

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