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I believe that media is being impacted by a deep rememberance of who and what we are. It is something that is awakening within all of us and we are seeking the final development of our higher mind/s.

I tried to write a book about this phenomenon and it is online as a free read. if anyone wants to look at it and its 80 illustrations just let me know and I will e-mail its location to you.

But, this is what I think is happening with all this amplification via media...we are being programmed to move to a higher understanding of the reality of our being in Time/Space.

Some call this mental programming, Future/Time. It is a period existing almost as a dreamscape filled with surrealistic images of trends and conditions that are spinning out at chaotic speeds to land and map our mentality. Such informational chaos was once unperceived by mankind but now it is reconstituting as order or unity at a higher level of existence and understanding. Some of us are beginning to see this leap of wisdom for what it is.

Now, humanity is on the threshold of visualizing Future/Time as a startling and complex reality as it dovetails with Ancient/Past to present a vision of human duration. We are in a state of intellectual and spiritual limbo that marks an Age or a World of Being, thereby passing on to create the Omega Age -- an era of unsurpassed and burgeoning wisdom of our very being.

Such a pronouncement regarding a period or a state of existence is not announced flippantly for the gravity of the situation is ominous in scope reflecting the destiny of sentient beings. Its very ascendancy suggests that we have reached a watershed and a benchmark in human development and turning back is not an option. From this point on, life as we once knew it will never be the same. The age of ignorance has passed and most of us did not prepare for this punctuated event -- yet, we must catch up.

We beings are beginning to communicate on the intellectual fly at speeds some call Instant Messaging or IM. All knowledge and wisdom culminates at once. The web of networks spread at geometric rates all over the Earth informing and amplifying knowledge and data to augment the global psyche. There are few secrets and much strategy to work the data of business and be-ness anywhere over the face of the planet. Such a rampant flux and reflux of thought globules is unprecedented in this age but there is increasing evidence that it is a reflection of ancient knowledge and wisdom given to us long ago, but was lost in hoary ages past.

The very intricacy of Life's physical makeup suggests design and genetic manipulation of an all encompassing program few of us did anything but take (the human genome) for granted. Feedback looping is happening so fast, Time seems to move to the future and not the past. The very essence of DNA played through the complexity of Quantum Physics and amplified by Nanotechnology, Holography and Virtual Reality, suggests laws and genetic engineering far more advanced than any simplistic happenstance of evolution. To get where we are now required help. That help is becoming recognizeable and our view of ancient history must change.

For many of us who are now discovering the Truths of Alternate History anterior to the company-line of academia and touted by the almost daily discovery of new elements to the puzzle of existence, the dawning of Future/Time is readily apparent. Though only a few thousand can see this gestalt reality at present, its embellishment is spreading exponentially -- like a wildfire swept by a hurricane force wind.

The ancient shamanistic concept of a god who always spoke in symbols to our mentality said, "Can you see what I am showing you?" It meant that every act and every instant of our life was part of a multifaceted broadcast of attributes of related meanings imbedded in potential acts and events that could result in positive or negative consequences for us all. If a warrior watched, listened and trained hard enough, all knowing in this realm would be attained. We were given the mind to see this interlaced data as intuition but few have turned on the light to discern its power. Due to the sequences of events and actions, we are now all forced to look at the consequences of our lives with an amplified mental cursor.

At least that is how I view the explosion of data to our senses. What say you?

Ron O.

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