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As I said above,
"These studies are on-going, as is
> the search for a source for the 223 enigmatic genes, anounced
> in 2001. Experiments within quantum phisics to find a way to
> tie consciousness to measurable fields of energy are also
> on-going. Perhaps the Global Consciousness folks will soon
> have more tools to work with."

What they have found is "proof",,, they just aren't sure what is is proof of. They are still working on all if it. The 223 genes are a proven scientific fact,,,they are "there". Exactly how they came to be is yet to be seen. They have ruled out the bacteria idea for now,,, bacteria have never shown they can create genes. Perhaps they can, we will have to wait and see.
There is nothing involved in this that would require "faith" as in religion. If I think I can jump the fence in my yard, it does not involve religious faith. Neither does anything within the field theory of consciousness. Hence, my suggestion that the Global Consciousness folks may soon have more to work with.
Science has been searching into the same "things" or energy/ forces which make it possible for seers to "see", etc. The sum of all ancient writings are weak evidence but one thing if certain,,, "There is something there" and science will do it's best to find it.

Cheerful Agape,


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