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Uh,oh.....Fuzzy, am I in the dog house?

First let me ask, gulp what do you mean by spammed? I truly don't have a clue. Being relatively new to the computer and no other forum interactions but this one, I'm at a loss as to what I have done or spam means...:(

In regards to your other comment:
" This is more than an expert from a book - this is 4 long chapters "spammed" on here."
gulp, yep it is long! guilty fer sure :) As it seemed to give an overall picture of the field of consciousness as defined in the Vedas, using physics to verify and define it, plus clarify how meditation plays a role in experiencing this 4th state of consciousness, I found this part of the Book to bring together in explaination, a number of issuses in recent discussions. Such as mentioned in my opening comment.

Because of the length I felt it was better to make it a separate post.( did I judge incorrectly?) Tho it rose out of Will T's...Evolution and Creationism I didn't attach it to there because of the length and I also was wanting others to see it whom had been in discussions on these same points but were not on Wills post.

As to what particular part of the Topic I wanted to discuss, was left open for discussion by anyone who read the post, as I was interested in comparing thoughts on the information provided. I had ask Drak a specific question and then had told Davix on his Synchronicity post, asking him if it related to the question he posted on his own thread.

"Not exactly giving people a chance to go out and buy the book and read it for themselves."

Gosh, I didn't even look at it that way.
As mentioned in my preface...
"It is an excerpt from a book called Permanent Peace by Robert M. Oates.
Permission is granted to copy and a Mini-Edition of the book is Downloadable free"

The mini-book is free, along with permission to reprint or use in sharing of information. And I downloaded and as it is 85 printed pages I printed it off for myself and was reading. One can buy the complete not-online book. Which is more informative, detailed and full of scientific research.
I only extracted( which they approve) the information which I thought was applicable to some of the topics of our recent discussions.

Fuzzy, I hope I have not crossed any boundries of impropriety on this board and if I have they were not intentional and I hope you will advise.
In all sincerity,

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