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This is more than an expert from a book - this is 4 long chapters "spammed" on here. Not exactly giving people a chance to go out and buy the book and read it for themselves.

Which particular part of the topic did you want to discuss?

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A Field Theory of Consciousness..#1 204 Astikapati 07-Jul-02 09:54
A Field Theory of Consciousness...#2..#1 146 Astikapati 07-Jul-02 10:00
Re: A Field Theory of Consciousness...#3(conclusion) 153 Astikapati 07-Jul-02 10:06
Exerpt from a book 79 Fuzzy 07-Jul-02 10:35
Fuzzy 80 Astikapati 07-Jul-02 13:02
This is not science 81 B L Zeebub 07-Jul-02 12:48
Zee, bub it looks like Science to me :)) 94 Astikapati 08-Jul-02 04:39
Scientific rigour 80 B L Zeebub 08-Jul-02 09:47
Re: Scientific rigour 71 Hoppy 08-Jul-02 11:47
Re: Scientific rigour 70 B L Zeebub 08-Jul-02 13:41
Re: Scientific rigour 73 mephisto 09-Jul-02 02:50
Re: Scientific rigour 95 B L Zeebub 13-Jul-02 12:25
Re: Scientific rigour 72 Hoppy 14-Jul-02 21:43
Re: Scientific rigour 57 B L Zeebub 14-Jul-02 22:30
Re: Scientific rigour 153 Astikapati 09-Jul-02 06:02

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