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Hi all,
Recently we have been having discussions in which questions about Consciousness, The Unified Field, Meditation, Nothingness, Metaphysics, Quantum Mechanics, Waves, Particles, Creation, Evolution, Time, and, well the list seems endless. As doutless many will think this post :))))

However, I have found much of the information contained applicable and relevant to our discussions. Not to mention clear and concisely defined.
It is an excerpt from a book called Permanent Peace by Robert M. Oates.
Permission is granted to copy and a Mini-Edition of the book is Downloadable free

I am still in the process of reading the book but hope this stimulates further discussion as I am interested in others thoughts.

Drak, one thing that jumped out at me was the understanding of the underlying, orderly intelligence of creation....which expresses itself through the process of evolution? this what you gather it to mean?

Well, I hope it's found enjoyable by whoever reads it.....not trying to inflict any torture :)))))))))

ps...because of the length I will need to put it on individual threads but will number them.1-4


Can science produce a theory for what at first sounds impossible?
The short answer to this is, yes. There is a solidly documented
theory a theory consonant with the latest scientific thought in other fields.
In Maharishi’s Vedic understanding, the reason that orderliness and harmony
can ripple throughout is that consciousness itself is at
basis an omnipresent, underlying field. Like the gravitational
field and the electromagnetic field, consciousness is an infinite,
unbounded,nonmaterial reality through which waves can radiate
over even astronomical distances.

Radio provides an analogy. Radio waves work the same way
and, one hundred years ago, the concept was just as hard to
believe.Marconi invented the first radio in the late nineteenth
century. He gathered his friends to tell them he could use a small
box to transmit his voice many miles through thin air. There was
no longer any need for intervening wires, he assured them. His
voice couldtravel invisibly through the atmosphere. At that
time, however,the electromagnetic field was imperfectly understood
and the natural result was that no one believed Marconi’s
protestations.When he gave demonstrations, people thought he
had hiddenwires. Finally, he had to send assistants in a boat far
out to sea andtransmit messages back and forth, with witnesses
at both ends,to establish the veracity of his claims.
A century later we are familiar with the radio, however, as well
as with broadcast television, radar, and other examples of the
phenomena physicists call fields and field effects. The electromagnetic
field, for example, exists everywhere in the universe.

This field is nonmaterial, unbounded and all-pervading, as
though all the universe were submerged in an invisible, untouchable
ocean. Radio,television, X-rays, radar (and the Sun, among
other sourcesof light) all work by sending waves through this
electromagnetic field. These waves can’t be seen, but they have
their effects.When you turn on your television, you gain the
benefit of an electromagnetic field effect — the picture has
come to your home as waves traveling through the electromagnetic
field from a broadcasting station or satellite (unless, of
course, you have cable). The gravitational field works the same
way, as do the two other force fields of nature, as well as the particle
fields, whose propagating waves we call subatomic particles. As
the basic mechanism of nature, therefore, accounting for every
aspect of the apparently physical universe, invisible, nonmaterial
waves move through invisible, nonmaterial fields. Although
Marconi’s contemporaries thought that impossible, even insane,
we have grown used to the notion by now.
To understand,consciousness operates like every other
aspect of nature. In this view consciousness is also an infinite,
invisible field — with waves that radiate throughout
This is not our normal understanding of consciousness, of
course. Infact, in modern society, the concept of consciousness
is not often considered at all. We know we are conscious, we
know we are awake. But what is wakefulness, what is consciousness?
We vaguely picture our mind inside our head, closed up in
our skull, asthough the brain and the mind were one and the
same. But Maharishi’s understanding indicates that consciousness,
like other aspects of nature, is a field, an unbounded, all pervasive
ocean everywhere available. From this standpoint,
the human brain is an intricate broadcasting and receiving station
for the waves that travel the field of consciousness.

One central tenet of the ancient Vedic wisdom, as brought to
light in a scientific age by Maharishi, is that human life can be lived
on a much higher plane than the mature, well-adjusted adulthood
commonly held to be the highest goal in modern societies. In fact,
the whole of the ancient Vedic literature
is filled with precise descriptions of enlightenment — of higher
states of consciousness — and in these higher states, theoretically,
a person becomes much more awake. Perception is said to refine
and knowledge to deepen. Just as the fuzzy vision of a nearsighted
man can be turned to clarity with the right type of glasses, so
the relative dullness of ordinary states of consciousness can be
sharpened in these more evolved states.
It is through the experience of these higher states of consciousness,
that the ancient Rishis, the seers,
cognized the deepest realities of humanity and nature. They
gained the knowledge directly, subjectively, through immediate
awareness of creation’s mechanics.

Until recently these Vedic descriptions, when considered at all,
have been thought mystical — even imaginary. But two things
have happened in recent years to change that perception. First,
after long centuries of neglect and repression associated with foreign
conquests of the Indian subcontinent, Maharishi has revived
the ancient Vedic teachings in a holistic and systematic manner.
Second, in just the past few years it seems that modern science has
begun to catch up with ancient wisdom. Going more deeply into
their respective fields, physicists have glimpsed an ancient understanding
of nature, and physiologists an ancient understanding of
human nature.The two together, in the light of Vedic wisdom,
reveal a profound reality: Nature and human nature are, in fact,
united at their source. As the five fingers appear independent, but
are, in fact,united as one hand, so the all-pervading force and matter
fields of the material world appear separate, but are in fact integrated
in one fundamental unified field of consciousness.
To put the hypothesis compactly: The human mind is one with the
world, at the most basic level.
Each one of these conceptions has already been the subject
of some of this century’s most revealing scientific investigation.

1. One unified field. Vedic Science maintains that there
exists one basic field of existence — not many different fields of
nature but one unified field that is infinite, timeless, and transcendental
— a field which underlies and supports all other
fields, all the mechanics of nature’s functioning. As the same
ocean gives rise to all waves, so the same unbounded, omnipresent
field is said to give rise to all the laws of nature that structure
our universe.
2. The human connection. Human beings bond with this
unified field through a fourth major state of consciousness. In
Maharishi’s explanations of the Vedic wisdom, the human mind
can settle down deep within its own nature and directly contact
this underlying unified field — by experiencing a unique fourth
state of consciousness.This fourth state of consciousness is precisely
described and is said to be completely different from the
common three states of waking, sleeping, and dreaming. As a
farmer can drop a well to an underground reservoir, so the
human mind can settle down deep within its own nature and
directly experience the unified field.
3. Evolution of human nature. Human nature, in the Vedic
understanding,evolves toward higher states of consciousness.
The Vedic texts maintain that, once the human mind begins to
attune itself with the deepest level of creation, human nature
leaves behind its apparently fixed status and begins to evolve rapidly.
Life starts to become more successful — more coherent,
progressive,and harmonious. Mistakes decrease, suffering falls
away, and this qualitative improvement builds up over time as
the mind begins to experience higher states of consciousness.

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