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But where did our world and all that we are come from?
IMO I believe evolution and creation are one and the same
Will T.
My own idea is that we are confined in our thoughts by the idea of time, everything must have a beginning and an end and also by the idea that "the universe" is all encompassing - it is everything.
: Evolution is nothing new but is a ancient belief that has just been repackaged, renamed and reintroduced almost since the beginning
What you are perhaps asking is what created the laws of physics - which are the real creators of what we see today .
So our personal end becomes the beginning and the wheel goes round. This would mean God has always existed and always will. Somehow I feel that God is an all knowing force complicated but simple...With many things the whole is greater than the parts and I think this is where science and truth will lead us.
Just an incomprehensible being of infinite power and contradiction, whose infinite or at least huge intelligence and being has no explanation? Oh that'll be it. That really 'explains' it. OK - I'll go for the simple, choice - God. This is just lazy thinking.

Hi folks,
In reading this post I found many of your thoughts parallel or identical to the ideas found in a book I am presently reading. It seems to make alot of sense to me and seems to provide some explainations in regard to Creation/Evolution that I hadn't understood before. So I was wondering what your thoughts might be on it. The post is The Unified Field Theory of Consciousness.

Hey Will,
Really enjoyed your post and find us thinking along the same lines. Not to mention having similar 4th. of July experiences. I got the river setting. fireworks display, crik in the neck from looking up most of the night. Not to be outdone by us meer mortals the elemental gods put on a show and a half for about one hour. Beautiful lightening, big ole rolls of thunder and some much needed rain.
Then things settled down, sky cleared and the stars began to twinkle like sparklers.....

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