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Hey There Briff and Jorge,

Briffitts- Slackers- great movie- I forgot about the Smurf analogy. That was pretty damn funny. We're all just a nation of heathen slackers, I guess. At least Hell will have all my friends there. I agree that this should not be aMAJOR concern at this point in time, I was just hoping to shift the topics around here so everyone can debate about something other than Evolution, Bush, the Masons, or American Imperialism (not that those aren't important topics, but we all need a break every now and then).

"though I do agree with you that continued universal, secular, public education is vital to the future of the country."

Bingo! I consider myself lucky to have been educated in Boston Public schools due to the overwhelming diversity of the student body. We had representatives from every corner of the globe at our school, and I believe this is one of the ways we can break down the walls of racism and ignorance, by letting children find out for themselves that for instance Muslims and Jews can work on a science project together, or a female African American can be student body president. This is EXACTLY what scares fundamentalists from any sect. Once people think for themselves, they aren't led around like sheep quite as easily. We need more of this, and less segregation from each other. The more we open our minds to the world, the more they will open to us.


And Jorge,

Always good to see your posts, sounds like you have quite the little scholar there at home. He must be a smart kid if he's yours.

"I would move immediately beyond the point of whether TM is religion, and take it as such. "

That's the problem. They want public tax dollars to subsidize new programs, more so than many other non-secular institutions, on the grounds "they are not religious".

"Hence, I would have no problem with TM creating private schools that promote whatever approach they have to life, and have scholar success with them."

Yep, me neither. I have no problem with this at all. Everything else in your post seemed to completely reinforce the views which I share with you. I commend you for your approach to Catholicism, as I believe there are some great lessons to be learned through this religion, despite the Church and Rome constantly making a mess out of it. It's refreshing to hear someone of this faith who is not blind to the corruption of the power structure, yet continues to adhere to the moral principles on which it is based.

"At the end of the day I think that the religious education does not matter much IF the country and society are free. "

EXACTLY. Freedom to choose is ESSENTIAL. Once the government decides that "(insert religious preference here)" is the only "true" religion, we are screwed.

"Because I am religious, I would prefer that religion is NOT taught at school, as it ends being counterproductive. "

I would not have a problem with it being taught in schools as long as it teaches about ALL of them. Although I do agree that this could become counterproductive once the teachers own personal views come in to play in the classroom.

Godd luck to you and your family in Ireland, I need to visit there eventually, I have still have some family there. Make sure your kid keeps driving the nuns crazy, we need more kids asking questions.

Timothy O'Donohue

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