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A policy of pre-emption is a terrorist policy.

You can take this whichever way you want.

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You remember the Caroline incident??? 252 Astikapati 02-Jul-02 23:05
Pre-emptive murder 120 Lee McGiffen 03-Jul-02 10:31
Re: You remember the Caroline incident??? 173 Briffits 03-Jul-02 10:47
How new is it? 110 Akhenaten 03-Jul-02 11:32
How FAIR is it? 111 drak1 03-Jul-02 15:45
Re: How FAIR is it? 114 Akhenaten 04-Jul-02 17:43
Blatant hypocrisy + rage inducers 95 drak1 04-Jul-02 22:30
Re: Blatant hypocrisy + rage inducers 167 Akhenaten 05-Jul-02 11:23
Re: You remember the Caroline incident??? 131 Astikapati 04-Jul-02 08:06
Re: You remember the Caroline incident??? 119 Briffits 05-Jul-02 04:24
Pre-emption and terrorism 99 Lee McGiffen 05-Jul-02 04:41
Lee 145 Astikapati 05-Jul-02 05:34
Re: Pre-emption and terrorism 102 Briffits 05-Jul-02 09:45
Briffits 163 Astikapati 05-Jul-02 05:05

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