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Leaving aside the various ambiguities and unanswered questions about the attack as well as the convenient simplistic notion that terrorism is defined only as the actions of those outside the mainstream of the western cultural paradigm, pre-emptive strikes are still an enormously bad idea. The precedent set will serve to remove all restraint from international relations worldwide and no doubt increase the frequency and degree of acts of terror. I find it difficult to believe that there is not an awareness of this somewhere within the administration, perhaps not above Bush's neck, but Pentagon strategists with their complex game scenarios must be aware of how destabilizing this policy would be. The question is whether the promotion of more chaos for political reasons is intentional or in the hawkish frenzy the data of the strategists cum casualty projectors is merely being disregarded. Either way it won't be pretty.


Ps. each of the wars you mentioned has been a losing effort and this one will be no exception.

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