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Briffits wrote,
Up till now the resolution has been that the very idea of making pre-emptive strikes was singularly un-American and beyond the pale.
And this is the idea which I think many, most? Americians held. And perhaps the reason some now appalled by any decision of our administration to act in a pre-emptive strike manner.
Where does the line get drawn? What constitutes a threat?
And by definition what is considered War?

If one is engaged in the act of war, already in combat with the enemy, then the lines are pretty clear. You hit them, they hit you back and this goes back and forth til there is a winner. Pre-emptive strikes seem to have their justification in these circumstances as one is most clear of the enemy.
And already engaged with the enemy. One is trying to take out the force that has "ALREADY MOVED AGAINST " one.

However, in our present situation tho Bush has declared we are at "War" with Terrorism. Terrorism is not the same as being at war with say Germany, Vietnam, etc. where the enemy was identified and we were already engaged with them. Or some other Country was and we chose to aid in their cause.

I've never been comfortable with Bushs' declaration that we are at War. We have been at War with Drugs, Poverty, Aids, etc. all posed threats to Man in one way or the other. However, pre-emptive strikes of the nature under present consideration were not acceptable means within the confines of our Laws to be used in these types of War.

So if we are at War.......what type of War is this? Is it shadow-boxing? Anyone that has weapons can be a potential threat. In fact there is alot of things in life that are threating outside of weapons.

What a Quandry,

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