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<a href="mailto:&#106;&#117;&#108;&#101;&#122;&#57;&#57;&#57;&#64;&#109;&#97;&#105;&#108;&#46;&#99;&#111;&#109;?subject=Re: My observations">Makka</a> wrote:
> There's one observation I've been thinking about, and I'm
> sure it's a prime contributing factor to "Mans/Womans" issues.
> The thing I'm referring to is: Logic.
> Logic is currently mankind's officially sanctioned mechanism
> to communicate ideas and explain things.
> It is not however without some great flaws.
> We try to justify our political and ideological views using
> this mechanism> All of the above only go so far in answering all the
> questions. Our traditional science for example will never be
> able to explain astral travel or the afterlife, or how a UFO
> can dematerialise as it uses logic as it's only mechanism of
> understanding.
> Maybe in years to come, humans may learn to "feel" their way
> to better solutions rather than calculating it. I'm sure
> we'll evolve towards this in time.

The human mind works in 2 ways. There is the logical part, and the emotional part. You might have heard of "right brain functions" and "left brain functions":


Many of the things you have mentioned do not really belong to the logical (left) part - which does not by definition invalidate it, as the corresponding part of the brain associated with this function needs to be "fed", so to speak. So (IMO) something like religion or political system being scrutinized as a logical process is sort of like trying to find the "logic" to a Bethoven symphony, Mr. Spock. It may be highly illogical, but still a necessary part of human life, to one degree or another. But, as the above referenced link suggests, the left/logical side of the brain is the dominant one. So we try and try to find the locic of it, and sometimes it does not apply, either in part or in whole. It's like writing a song (Im a bit of an amateur songwriter). A balance must be found. Both parts of the brain must find harmony. Either by working together, or by taking their turns, in collaborating. The right (creative) side may come up with the melody, and even some interesting words with a certain nice "flow" to them, but the left (logical) side must be invoked to finish the thing off - to try to "touch up" the lyrics to make logical sense in tellin some story. The creative side is still in play here, though, as some illogical parts might just as well stay if they are just "right" the way ther are, meaningfull or not. If you, or any here, would like to hear any of the songs I write, I have some up at at this link:


The streaming "lo-fi" versions sound very crappy, so I would recomend downloading the mp3 version, or not bothering with it at all! The song titled ""U Got It All (Apocryphal Love)" is probably the most "listenable" (professional sounding) one there.

Constructive comments very welcome.

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