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Hello ,

I'm new to this MB, as a participant that is, but I 've been watching the activity here for a while.
For me it's a relief to see that in what ever degree, and mine is not very high, there are still a lot of people who question theire existence. Thanks to mr. Hancock and to all of you for creating this opportunity to exchange thoughts.

After reading tons of books concerning different areas of "knowledge", the way everybody starts... I think, it soon became clear that the questions I asked myself where bringing me in to a river of answers. A river that gradually was swelling in to a CANAL.

Now after many years (or it seems to me) I've learned an important lesson :....not only the answers are important also asking the right questions are.

For instance, the question that always keeps on bugging me :...why does man search for his/her origin ? Why is this so important to him, he spends money on it and some spend theire lives on it. theire is no creature that does a thing like that (that we know of). And this is one end of the stick, the other is ... what is our destiny?

Seemingly ordinary and boring not-going-to-the-pointlike questions, yes but they make you stand still to several observations and they make your mind whirl.
I do not know where to begin... like : this strange ability to shape our enviroment almost to the fullest, from building entire megacitys to nanotechnology (in the near future). Even the flipside or "dark side" (yes I'm a Star Wars fan) of our powers, the power to distroy and this in every possible meaning of the word even that makes us "peculiar". The list is endless.

Of course our "dark" deeds reflect an equaly huge feeling but then one of disgust but we can only try to do and to know better next time.

The new fish in the pond

Yoeri Van Langenhove

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