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Hi Everybody,

Well, here in many parts of Europe, today has been the first 'working' day of the new currency. For those of you who live on the other side of the pond and may not be aware of it, the Euro has officially become the currency of the majority of the countries in the European Community, with the exception of the UK and Denmark (and I can't remember if Sweden also voted against it - but I'm sure that someone will put me right on that!)

Here in the Canary Islands, things started off just as expected: ) The banks weren't prepared for it - although they have had several years to get prepared. Working in the tourism sector, our hotel money exchange staff went down to the bank first thing this morning to exchange all the Pesetas that we had, into Euros. There were queues of people waiting to do the same but the bank staff were not prepared and seemed a little surprised that so many people wanted to use the new currency. Even the cash-point machines weren't ready....they were still doling out Pesetas and then the recipients had to enter the bank with their Pesetas to change them into Euros!

Eventually the Pesetas were changed into lovely, shining new coins and strange, coloured pieces of paper and we were then able to exchange money for the eagerly awaiting guests.

This is a new age for European finance and we hope that the Spanish will eventually get their act together soon.

Has anyone else got any comments to make regarding this new currency?

regards, Margaret

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