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My dear all,
I'm most dissapointed from humanity.I just saw a video that is being circulated in the internet.It's supposed to be a russian soldier that some Chehz soldiers takes his head off.You know how?With just their knife.Yes a just a knife.The video starts with the soldier laying dow with his face facing the ground.Someone is pressing his legs and another his head with their feet.At first someone is just pinnching him at his neck.After playing a bit suddently his press the knife in.Not too fast,not too slow.Just like you stub it in raw meat to cut it.After with normal speed he cuts his throat by moving the knife up and down.There is a high amount of bleeding.Then he starts cutting on the other side to cut the rest of the head.In the video which is black and white you see the soldier coughing as he is bleeding to death.You can see slowly the knife going up and down up and down and the soldier chocking and blurping and blurping and finaly the head is off.

Know please tell me what we are?Humans?Are we?

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What are we?? 226 socrates 02-Jan-02 02:00

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