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I would take issue with the statement that the vast majority of Americans are willingly swallowing any rhetorical garbage spewed out by the mass media. If anything, Americans have become LESS trustful of the media after 9/11. The media has shown little compassion with the news and many Americans such as myself are getting a little sick of the newsmedia using 9/11 human interest stories to boost sales and ratings. I will admit that the majority of Americans are unaware how badly this current administration is Highjacking the constitution, but it's not because the media is reporting it. I hadn't heard anything about the protest from the AAPS until I came to this board, and I read the news paper everyday, cover to cover. I see this more as a problem with the media, not the public. Do not underestimate the US citizens, we won't go quietly in to the night.


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anyone from the US....what does this mean? 235 Geoff 01-Jan-02 23:50
It means we have some problems 132 Timothy 02-Jan-02 01:20
Re: It means we have some problems 90 mephisto 02-Jan-02 02:47
Re: It means we have some problems 91 Sherman Peabody 02-Jan-02 04:08
sounds like it :( 135 Geoff 03-Jan-02 00:42
Re: sounds like it :( 73 Sherman Peabody 03-Jan-02 00:53
Re: sounds like it :( 102 lydia 03-Jan-02 11:12
Re: sounds like it :( 61 Timothy 03-Jan-02 14:31

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