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while surfin' I followed links that lead me to this site...
as I'm not American it doesn´t affect me...
I just wondered what its all about...or what it means to Americans...

It looks kind of serious though.....
any thoughts

<a href="[] State Emergency Health Powers Act Petition</a>


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Subject Views Written By Posted
anyone from the US....what does this mean? 231 Geoff 01-Jan-02 23:50
It means we have some problems 131 Timothy 02-Jan-02 01:20
Re: It means we have some problems 89 mephisto 02-Jan-02 02:47
Re: It means we have some problems 90 Sherman Peabody 02-Jan-02 04:08
sounds like it :( 134 Geoff 03-Jan-02 00:42
Re: sounds like it :( 72 Sherman Peabody 03-Jan-02 00:53
Re: sounds like it :( 101 lydia 03-Jan-02 11:12
Re: sounds like it :( 60 Timothy 03-Jan-02 14:31

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