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There's no denying that the Hebrews were highly learned in Spiritual matters. I am no expert on religion, but (to my belief), the "techniques" that the Taoists, Buddhists, maybe the Llamas in Tibet etc, all discovered or were taught these "techniques" - such as being able to listen to God, spiritual advancement etc.

In this respect, we could say that the Hebrews are definately a special group of people in the region - for teaching others this and continuing the knowledge.

However, much of my cynism to Israel of today is that I can't see how the Hebrew system ties in with the political system. It's like "the Bible says Judea is ours, lets hold on to it and kick out the locals". There's hardly much positivity generated by Israel at the moment I'm sure. It seems to be more into material matters.

I'm wondering if the students of the Hebrew religion aren't really being listened to at the moment. Maybe military strength, which can be a temporary and changing thing, is being respected instead, in order to achieve material aims.

All, in all, it is a real pity we didn't have access to the complete Hebrew "system". I'm of the belief that a religion is really a system of "techniques" and study. The Bible is just so hard to read. I'm told 666 is an evil number. Yet I wouldn't have a clue what it is meant to mean.
Many say that if something is not in the Bible then it is a sin etc etc. Often the stories are vague too. Did Lot's wife really turn into a pillar of salt? Was it literal, symbolic, or as another theory goes, was she the victim of a nuclear explosion?

I'm sure due to a lack of information (or maybe the information is hidden), we are having so many disputes.

Maybe as humans we have to have real experience of good things and bad things - one cant truly know something until they experience it. Maybe the knowledge is meant to be hidden for that reason.


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