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Could the suicide attack on India's parliament be a way of diverting forces away from the Bin Laden/Al-Queda hunt?

From reading various speechs and articles made by Islamic resistance groups, they have no respect for the current Pakistani government or military, and having Pakistan tied up, or even defeated militarily will definately play into the Islamic groups hand. They see that an Indian attack would be Allah's punishment to Pakistan.

A few posts earlier I put forth the theory that the attack may have played into the hands of the American crusade, but the article below indicates that these current events may hinder the crusade.

Whether anyone likes or hates Bin Laden (or those behind all this), he seems to be a master in knowing what the "dim mak pressure points" of world politics are. No one can deny that he (if it was him) pushed the right 'buttons' on 7/11.

As far as an Indian/Pakistani nuclear war - I would highly doubt that with America's operations in the area that either side would be given any green lights.

China still remains an interesting wild card..............

China Moves Troops to Diffuse Indian War Threat
Updated on 2001-12-28 03:46:01

LAHORE, Pakistan (PNS) December 27, 2001 - Media reports from India are indicating movement of China's troops along Sino-Indian border. This comes a day after Musharraf, President of Pakistan returned from official tour to China. Indian threats appear to be destabilizing the region.

India has threatened an all out nuclear war on Pakistan and has moved its forces along side border of Pakistan. A large portion of Pakistani army is occupied sealing off western border with Afghanistan and helping United States find members of terrorist organziation Al-Qaida, headed by Osama bin Laden. United States has blamed Al-Qaida for launching deadliest attack on its soil on September 11 this year. Since then Osama bin Ladin has openly accepted responsibility.

India claims two fundamentalist groups based in Kashmir are responsible for a foiled attack on its parliamentary building. Pakistan has assured full cooperation and asked for evidence. So far India has declined to provide evidence or to embark on a joint investigation of the incident. Pakistan claims India engages in state terrorism in part of Kashmir under occupation of 700,000 Indian paramilitary forces citing gross human rights violations documented by Amnesty International.

Pakistan supports the Kashmiri freedom struggle and right of self-determination in Kashmiri which it believes should be part of Pakistan according to 1947 partition plan. Last war between China and India took place in 1965. All three countries China, India and Pakistan have nuclear capability.

Indian war threats are likely to divert Pakistan's resources and impede United States led global war on terrorism.

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