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Howdy All,
This will be my second X-Mass in Graham's board, been very busy but I wanted to thank you all,

The Cowboys’ Christmas

It was Christmas Eve; how they each yearned to be at home.
A storm was brewing. They were on watch, lest the cattle roam.
The cowboys were sitting round the fire, pondering their plight,
As o’er head a blanket of clouds hid all but one lonely star bright.

In the night’s stillness, Cookie thought he heard a wild burro’s bray.
In the shadows he saw silhouettes of someone heading their way.
The closer they came, the cowboys saw that she was with child.
Sensing a camaraderie and tenderness, at them she shyly smiled.

Cookie drew them close to the fire and the silence was broke.
“We’re heading to Romero” were the words she then spoke.
“Both our families are gathering for the holiday celebration.
We’ve traveled far from our home on the Navajo reservation.”

While the others drew the couple into the warmth of the fold,
Cookie made a bed on the hay wagon to ward off the cold.
After the couple bedded down, Cookie thought of their plight.
He remembered that story of a long ago Bethlehem night.

While the snowflakes then fell and in the hush of the storm,
Cookie was awakened by a small cry–one of that newly born.
Making his way to the wagon, he noticed then, in the snow,
Those strangers’ footprints, heading off toward Romero.

Some say it was a coincidence on that snowy Christmas Eve.
But those faithful cowboys, this story they’ll always believe.
While the cattles’ gentle lowing welcomed her baby’s birth,
They knew that sharing love was the greatest gift on earth.

Peace To You All,
Will T

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