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Dear message board members

Since a few weeks I have been posting messages at various MB’s on the internet. For this I used the laptop of my neighbour Mark Harlem who had given it to me in trust to arrange for work that had to be done to it while he was abroad.

Not having internet access of my own and intrigued by the MB’s in the browser I set out to participate. I used the internet anagram server to make up a fake name using the letters of Mr. Harlem’s name.

On some message boards I have posted offensive and insulting messages and since the laptop’s internet connection automatically logged in on his organization’s server (he had his password saving option on) it used his IP address for identification. So the messages were now thought to have originated from Mr. Harlem’s organization. Some of the friends of Mr. Harlem recognized the IP and noticed that the content of the messages was in contrast with Mr. Harlem’s spiritual nature and they contacted him today when he returned home.

I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone involved for the abuse of trust and for the offensive and insulting messages.

My real name is Bertje de Wilde and I am a 18 year old student.

Mr. Harlem is now sitting next to me and has ordered me to post this message at each and every message board that I posted something on and believe me that having to do this really feels like an embarrassing punishment!

Bertje de Wilde

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