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To the Interplanetary Counsel

Once upon a time earth was in perfect balance. All flora and fauna was in splendid harmony.

Then one of the species developed a serious default in its genetic string. The default caused a malfunction of the brain cells, loss of bodily hair and a deformity to muscle- and bone structures forcing it to move clumsy in an upright position.

The deformities to the brain of this species led to excessive nonsensical and aggressive behaviour, emotional disorders and, especially, extreme delusions of grandeur. Also it has no sense anymore of balanced mating habits in relation to its environment, causing the species to multiply to cancerous proportions and threatening all other balanced life forms which are in danger of being annihilated.

Although we granted this deformed species a change for life on this planet, after millennia of attempts to correct this species' behaviour it is clear that these attempts have been to no avail. The species seeks only its own welfare, will not abide to any law (of nature), will not yield to arguments nor pleas from any living being and is acting in a terrorist manner, forcing its will on all the other life forms.

We therefor call on the Supernatural Power to come to our rescue and stop this species’ terrorist behaviour which prevents genetically sound life forms to flourish on a magnificent planet.


All well-balanced life forms on Planet Earth

Make no mistake, if you are not with us... you are without us!

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