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Interesting article and brief from Gordon Thomas website (link at bottom of page).

The section part of the article shows the general Chinese opinion to the WTC disaster.

America faces its greatest test this weekend in its pursuit of Osama bin Laden.

A “red alert” from Mossad says bin Laden is trying to reach China’s inhospitable North-West Provinces.

There he can count on the protection of millions of Chinese Muslims – as fanatical as al-Qaeda in their hatred of the West.

Bin Laden is also said to have three separate visits earlier this year to China. During one, he met with medical specialists at the Second Military Medical Hospital at Shanghai to discuss his serious kidney ailment.

But China’s leaders have made it bluntly clear to Washington they will do nothing to assist in the arrest of bin Laden until they are “absolutely satisfied” he is in the country.

They have warned the United States to keep its bombers and ground forces well clear of China’s North-Western borders.

Clues to bin Laden’s escape route were found in the Tora Bora caves late last week.

In one underground bunker a huge cache of Chinese weapons and bullets were discovered.

Closeby were route maps in Chinese of the towering Karakoram Mountains that guard the entrance to China’s North-West Provinces.

Mossad agents in Afghanistan – who have worked closely with the United States since September 11 – have also established the radio traffic carrying bin Laden’s voice giving orders to “fight to the death” to his men trapped in Tora Bora, were pre-recorded tapes.

“The intention was to try and fool us that he was still there. In fact we think he left Afghanistan about ten days ago,” a senior Israeli intelligence source said.

It could mean bin Laden will reach China’s North-West provinces by this weekend.

Though China has had a long-running guerrilla war with the Muslims in the area, it is almost certain it will not allow the United States to pursue bin Laden there.

President Jiang Zemin has already had his Foreign Ministry warn that any U.S. military flights on its borders would have “serious consequences.

Meantime Communist Party officials in Beijing have ignored a U.S. request to stop selling videos glorifying bin Laden’s attacks on America – and presenting him as a folk hero.

Millions of discs – all bearing the impramateur of the Communist Party controlled media – have flooded into record stores in Chinese cities last week. They are filled with lurid images of the destruction of the World Trade Center. Strident music and the theme from “Jaws” back the pictures.

Commentary calls the destruction “a blow against an arrogant nation.” Bin Laden is portrayed as a Robin Hood-like figure whose terrorism was “only to help the poor.”

The discs have been produced by Beijing Television and the all-powerful Xinhua Information Agency. Both are recognised mouthpieces of the Communist Party.

Some of the discs contain shots taken from the monster movie “Godzilla” – the gorilla who destroys New York buildings – and clips of America being defeated at Pearl Harbor.

Beijing Television calls the discs “educational”, and “meeting a market demand.”

A spokesman said there was “a big demand for discs from Chinese communities in Britain and the United States.”

Part of the commentary on one disc, over shots of the World Trade Center collapsing, says:

“Look at the panic on their faces as they wipe off the dust and crawl out of their strong buildings. We will never fear these people again. They have been shown to be soft-bellied paper tigers.”

A Washington analyst said, “If that reflects the Chinese government line, then we would have little hope of them giving bin Laden over to us.”

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