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You are all going to nickname me HAVACHAT if I keep posting heaps of things today - but I have come across an interesting article from

17 December: DEBKAfile was the first publication to reveal that China had sent thousands of armed men into Afghanistan in support of Osama bin Laden and the Taliban. Our first story came out on October 6, 2001, one day before the US went to war in Afghanistan.

Monday, December 17, Pentagon officials aboard the plane taking US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld to Brussels, revealed that large quantities of Chinese-manufactured ammo were discovered in the Tora Bora cave hideouts of al Qaeda.

They were speaking to CNN’s senior defense correspondent James McIntyre, who ran the story with close-up shots of the cache. It was shown to include mortar shells, anti-tank rockets and ammunition for various types of automatic rifles and machine guns of Chinese manufacture, abandoned by fleeing al Qaeda men.

DEBKAfile continued to run with the story through different stages of the Afghanistan War.

Follow-ups, verified by other media, appeared on October 20 and November 15. In the first, we reported 15 Chinese fighters found dead in Kandahar. They were part of an escort convoy for one of bin Laden’s senior lieutenants, Basir al Masri, commander of the Arab contingents in Jalalabad, which came under US bombing as it left Kandahar.
In the second, David Chater of Sky television attested to the presence of Chinese fighting alongside the Taliban and al Qaeda in the battles of Konduz and Khanabad in northern Afghanistan.

Now comes the CNN report, which confirms that Beijing sent to bin Laden, not only men but also quantities of weapons.

Click here for three articles in DEBKAfile’s China section

John Stanton, in a feature article in the December issue of National Defense Magazine, reports that “DEBKA caused a stir several weeks ago when it published an unconfirmed report that Chinese troops were fighting alongside the Taliban…”
Click here for National Defense Magazine article


From that article, there could be many possibilities:
1. Chinese Govt. is secretly aiding Al-Queda with arms and maybe troops.
2. Chinese arms dealers simply sold them weapons, not caring who they sold them to.
3. Corrupt Chinese officials gave or sold the weapons to Al-Queda, independant of the official government policy.
4. Just as one could by a Russian AK47 or an American M16 on the open or black market and use them in any conflict, one could also buy Chinese arms. China may not have known (or cared) who bought them, and they may have be bought prior to Sept.11.
5. The arms were brought in by Chinese Al-Queda members who weren't connected to the Chinese Govt.

I have had a curiousity over what China's stance on the "war against terror" is, and how they reacted to the "You are either with us, or with the Terrorists" ultimatum that was given after September 11.

I was wondering if anyone has further insight, or ideas, about China's role in the current conflict.

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