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Hi all...

Some weeks ago it was discovered that a former general of Saddam Hussein lived in Denmark. Or rather, an Iraqi living in Denmark was discovered to be a former general of the Iraqi army, and was claimed to be responsible for the deaths of more than 100.000 Kurds while living in Iraq.

Anyway, these news caused massive uproar in Denmark, and the media stalked the former general's flat around the clock for a week or more, while the police and others questioned the Iraqi about his past.

The Iraqi denies everything, and yesterday (Oct. 17.) the exiled Iraqi opposition (those wishing to be rid of Saddam as head of state) are pleading the Danish Minister of Justice, Frank Jensen, for his release, because they wish for him to replace Saddam eventually (hopefully). This has caused confusion as to his past, and as to whether he really was the general who gassed many, many thousand Kurds.

Just wanted to let you know about that. If anyone has questions about the matter, please ask, and I'll be as helpful as I can in answering them.

Ole Bentsen, Denmark.

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Former Iraqi General residing in Denmark 664 Ole Bentsen 18-Oct-01 11:22

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