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Hello post

Today ..Oct 17 th has seen some interesting developments
concerning the Anthrax discoveries.

Having watched several different media productions , a pattern
is starting to emerge...

Anthrax is being broken down into 2 forms...
anthrax spores...and MILLED anthrax...

now the milled Anthrax is the one that is just right to stay in your lungs
and kill you...

with this term of the added comment "Weapons grade"

I watched several big talk shows..who's narrators often bicker and
dice with each other politically..all of a sudden..their both talking
Weapons grade anthrax....what are we going to do?...
where is this comming from?...its not just Loons in the USA...
could it be Saddam Hussein?

Richard Butler of the now making the rounds on the talk shows...
(I'm hinting at something here.......some of you will nod OH OWE!!!)

One comment today was..." I don't care if Saddam is not behind this..
I want him gone case he does try do something WITH HIS
WEAPONS GRADE ANTHRAX."...this statement was made by a senator.

Am thinking Saddams day's a numbered now....they will spin this thing
until it finds public approval..and backing by world government....

anyway...stay tuned....


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