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Roger that, Will!
I’m Icelandic, like Ole pointed out.

I’m no expert in any of the topics here, just someone that has read few of GH books and found them interesting. I’m what you might call an info-leech. I like to take in info and store it :)
I’ve been a lurker here for few months with occasional post now and then, but mostly replies :)

I have the feeling you’re in the army, am I right?
I’m one of those guys that’s highly interested in warfare witch is kinda strange since in Iceland we don’t have an army of any kind and never have ….or maybe that’s just the reason why!?
I have a book about the AC-130 but for the first time yesterday I saw it in action (CNN) It’s one hell of a flying battleship!!

In another post from you (Lock And Load), you say that “they’re gonna send in the DRG’s” …what does that stand for?

Oklahoma! Now that’s far away from the little island in the north!
How’s the weather down there? …we must talk about the weather, he he!

Well, back to work!


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