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Zeevy was an extremely bigoted man. He refered to Palestinians as "lice" and "cockaroaches". Unfortunately, I only really heard of his bad points - as with almost everything in the media, you only hear of the sensational things.

What did he fight for? A democratic state, or an aparthied state? Did he think he could ethnically cleanse Palestinians off the land and not expect them to fight back? His opponents weren't as stupid or impotent as he would have liked the World to believe. Possibly I'm wrong, and the gods made a mistake when they created the Palestinians. As I'm not in with God, I'll let our religious leaders who know God decide who the 'chosen' people are.

I'm wondering if, supposing it was a Palestinian group that assassinated him, that there were insiders in Israeli security services that assisted in the assassination.

My theory may be that there are probably many 'pro-peace' Israelis within Israeli security agencies that are disillusioned with their govt policies.

Zionists and Jews disagree greatly on many issues, and people like Zeevi and Ariel Sharon do a great service for the so-called "anti-semetism" that these types love to cry (the fact that Arabs are of semetic blood doesn't enter anyones head). Jews in general are now seen in a very bad way thanks to these types. The website '' offers great information to those currently disillusioned with the behaviour of zionists and the Israeli govt.

As I am a small person in this world, my knowledge is limited to the few things I've seen and read, and I most probably wrong in many opinions I've stated. Corrections to any incorrect view or opinion would be welcomed and I would have appreciation of any corrections.

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