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This is the same cave that Zahi Hawass used on an unreleased video when he declared to the camera something to the effect of "Ladies and gentlemen. We are entering the chamber beneath the sphinx for the very first time." Some think Dr Hawass was going to use the video to claim that he had discovered the Cayceian Hall of Records. The video was canned when Boris Said spilled the beans on it.

There is also another cave in the chest of the sphinx, right behind the stela (see OH&L, Giza the Truth), although it is very small. Still, the sphinx is so positioned in such a way that its front and back sit on the entrance to caves. Now caves are very important in ancient religions. They symbolize the birthplace and deathplace of the Sun-God. Many ancient heroes are reputed to have been born in caves, including Hermes and Mithra, both of whom have solar characteristics. And one of the Sphinx's names, Aker, meaning tunnel, retains this very meaning of solar origin. Symbolically, these caves represent the deathplace (in the rump) and birthplace (in the chest) of the dying and rising sun-god.

I would surmise that Cayce's hall of records fits this sphinxian solar origin mythology.

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