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John it is interesting that you would show those photos. Why would someone go to the trouble to carve a passage through the Sphinx and not leave anything there?

There is a good article in this month issue of ATLANTIS RISING concerning how archeologist not only plant or salt their sites but when they discover anything that is contraversal and sometime not they will just place it in storage and the discipline will not even consider that evidence because it has not yet been published.

It is archeology's technical out when confronting complex issues such as that raised by GH & RB.

When academia can closet scientific discoveries mostly funded by the government through financial aid to institutes of higher learning I consider that criminal activity.

I wrote sometime ago on this message board that half of what was discovered ended in private collection. This recent article in ATLANTIS RISING indicate that I was right. Because now can prove or disprove that a certain item was uncovered at site if it is not written about?


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