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Dear Muhammad,
 You are one of the nicest guys I ever met. You have been an inspiration to me and I have learned a lot about the Muslim faith from your posts. I think more people in the west, especially the United States should learn more about Islam and all it's glory. American's are a race of people who are starving for knowledge. All they know about is Mcdonald's, fruit that is on sale at Shop Rite and their mini malls. They need to be cultured and enlightened. People like you can do this and that is why we need you so much on this forum. It seems that Americans care more about the Jewish holidays and the Israeli way of life then the Muslim faith and the Arab people. This is why everything here in America is so one sided. We need to learn about other cultures and what they really stand for. I learned during my many trips to Egypt and I now know both sides of the coin and not just my Judeo-Christian heritage. The Arab people are much like my fellow Italians. You are warm, caring, into family and would take the shirt off your back to help another. I like that about your people. I hope and pray to Allah that you stay and continue to post. I don't like quitters!! And I know you can do better. There are many skeptics on this board that make it hard to chat about alternative science and to bring forth theories and new points of view, but don't let them get you down. My grandfather was from Sicily and I remember he always used to put me on his lap and teach me about life. The one thing that really stuck out more then any other was when we said to me and I quote:
" Do not hate your enemies. Hate brings on a mind that does not focus. Rather respect them. get into their heads. Learn how they tick. This is the only way to defeat them and get the upper hand"

    There is a war going on Muhammad. A war between those who cling on to old views and those who caress change. Actually, this is the basis of all wars and all conflict going on today as we speak. It is hard to shed new modes of thought on the sleeping masses. Look what happened to Giordano Bruno. Look what happened to Christ himself!! But we must continue to fight the fight and speak our minds to the new wave of energy sweeping over this planet. We need People like you Muhammad. Stay here and do not buckle down from those who are afraid of change and of the unknown. Carry you sword Muslim soldier, but let not this sword be a real weapon, but rather a symbolic razor of light and higher consciousness.... Please Remember Mark Antony, the great Italian warrior that joined forces with his Egyptian Brothers and Cleopatra who was willing to join forces with Antony to destroy western ignorance and deceit. Think of my wife and I as those great people of ancient history and join hands with us to shed light upon the world.

In Allah's great name,
Your true friend John Carlo

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