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Fine points there Brad. One of the most ironic yet tragic parts to this "holy War" problem is that death is indescriminate to religion. How many Muslims died in the WTC besides the ones in the plane? Totally pointless in regards to progress, but as you stated (which I agree) when all there is is constant martyr propaganda from the earliest ages, this can be expected. In a recent Rolling Stone magazine article (I know, I know-hey I like music -leave me alone) they had a story from a reporter, Jeffrey Goldberg, about the Haqqania madrassa, this quote will explain it all.

" I asked members of the class(ages 7-13): Who wants to see Osama Bin Laden armed with nuclear weapons? Every hand in the room shot up."

Not very promising to say the least, and the bad news is that if Pakistan falls someone is getting nukes that wants to use them yesterday on the US or India or you name it. Not good.

Then you have stories about the summer camps for Israeli and Palestinian Children in America where they breed the future diplomats to solve the problem through peace instead of war. Does this get any press? Duh.

The only time, unfortunately, that terrorism from these cell-networks ever really got setback was in the 80's with Qadaffi. After we blew up his house from a mile away he sorta chilled out for a while. We DO need to get the individuals who bear the responsibility for the planning of these acts or they will get worse. We DON'T need to go to war. Can INTERPOL get their man first? They have the proof, let them follow the US military, they made plenty of room so far, seeing as how the previous 20 years of bombing has left so many targets.

I dunno, but the more this WAR talk gets worked up, the farther away we all get from real security.


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