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Good thoughts Geoff

Actually Islam can adapt...

In North America Muslims blend into the social fabric just fine...
they are spread out in the business community...and are a large component of personelly owned businesses.

.... they respect social order..

also..their children grow up under different thought patterns...this is key.

In the middle east..a child walks the streets of Gaza,Beriut,Damascus,
Bagdad etc...and see's images of people held up a idols..

Martrys...Lunatic leaders...Insane clerics...

they have no early teens..the hatred is in them like the air they breathe...


there is no alternative medium..even in Saudi Arabia ( a moderate)...

no christian christian music..

Yet in India of all places is a surprising movement..not fully supported
by mainstream Islam...that is SUFISM..

In Delhi India...Muslims, Hindus, Christians meet..and have for centuries.
They eat together..worship together..fellowship together....
have seen documentaries on is amazing..but it is small.

Islam will change in time...but sadly..there are to many pre-programed
they are inflexable...and resilient...death the only out..
when you believe that killing yourself will achieve a god desired
outcome..when you believe 10 Virgins are waiting in Paradise's not to difficult to see where the problem lie's...

they are decieved....and they are brought up to be decieved..
by their their their religion.

the problem is Damascus,Bagdad,Rihyad..and Tehran...
cut the snakes head off here..and things will change...
leave it be....and the ride continues.


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