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Hi all,

in a way the UK and USA (in a way) should be greatful to Henry VIII for having the forsite to kick out the RC church from the UK...reasons best known to himself..:)

cos what he did in a way was to create (or end up having) a secular state, where church(faith) politics was taken out of the politics of the state (well OK to a degree)

Islamic states ARE the politics of the State and here lies their own straight jacket, its one thing to have your faith and believe in it..which is fine, but to encorporate it into the state so ALL PEOPLE of that state HAVE to abide by those "faith laws" rather than "Human" laws, which IMHO are FAR SUPERIOR to any faith, can create problems for people in those States who donĀ“t believe in the State " faith" and have their "faith" elsewhere......its why muslims in the west are by enlarge comfortable in their faith...because they can follow their faith without intimidation from the State
Its much harder to follow a different belief in an Islamic State...


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