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If you read the Hoagland article you may also be led to believe Bush knows all about ancient astronomy and astrology practises too. I doubt he knows any of it really. I bet some of his staff do though. They don't get to their position for being schmucks and they certainly won't get there being Muslim or any other religion apart from Christianity especially that espoused by the Masonic traditions.

Why 22? Why not keep it metric or even impirical? 20, 25, 24 why 22? I think William has a pretty good point. As soon as I heard the USA was retaliating to the 911 attacks I had a sensation I have only experienced a few times. The main thing that I came away from it was the intense feeling that <<This is a religious war. Bush is trying to position the white christian race as the superior race. >>

Airdropping pamphletts and food to the victims of their bombings. Thats more then their own people are doing so its an easy way to start gaining acceptance in their country. I'm sure the Afghani's left there would love for USA to step in and help resurrect their country for them. Where to from there though? How many more "Rogue" states are they going to attack? Are they all going to be middle-eastern countries too? What about China? The Chinese government has been advocating and participating in the slaughter of 1000's of Tibettan monks and their fellow natives for years. Is China not a terrorist state?

The danger I feel is inherent in that the USA will try to take control, perhaps through UN mandates and sanctions, of the Middle East and its plentiful oil supply. Hence the "long drawn out war". I'm sure Bin Laden will be knocked off long before then but will the USA stop? Hmmmm with 42 warships alone in the gulf I can't see their plan being merely to topple the Taliban. They did not deploy anywhere near that sort of fleet when they attacked Baghdad. They certainly didn't draw a line in the sand saying to the entire world "You're either with us or you're with the enemy". That is very much the words of war, not the words of diplomacy.

So USA moves into the Middle East and attacks all the rogues states from Afghanistan to Iraq and simultaneously vies for space supremecy. To the point where space is actually policed by the USA and the USA only. This is what the Pentagon are pushing for at present. This would mean that Russia and China are hemmed in both on their own continent from the South and the East but also by the very air above them. Do you know what happens when you back a guy into a corner? He fights like he has never fought before because he knows that if he doesn't there is no way out.

I feel that the Hoagland 911 article is accurate in more ways then we know, we're just missing a bunch of details. I think these two madmen (Bush and Bin Laden) are trying to act their part in the prophecies. This could get scary. I wouldn't go discounting the religious symbolism in Bush's plans at all, not just yet anyway. As to the religious fervour of Bin Laden I think we all already know that he is pushing for Armageddon. Has Bush fallen straight into his trap?

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