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Graham Hancock is British, some of his "minions" are Dutch, German, Swedish, Australians, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Canadians, American Indian, Asian Indian, Pakistani, and many many more. Nobody that I know has stopped an Islamic person from posting on this board, nor Jew, nor Christian. No postings have been edited or removed that I know of, so if you had something that did not come through, just repost it.

But don't attack this message board before you do. We have all started to ignore people because of the fights that went on in the recent past. We are really trying to avoid confrontation. The fact that you are taking an argumentative attitude may be the reason that no one is answering your posts. Or maybe they just don't agree with what you are posting. There is no clique here that I can see, only frienships that have formed because of similar interests or viewpoints.

The fact that you can still post should make you think of these things. Hope you get your post through this time.


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