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She is the former Pakistani prime minister, "There is no need for islam and the west to clash. Judism,Christianity,Islam are brothers believe in the same god Abraham is the father of all three." "What the terriorists are against are; personal freedom,womens rights, self determination and secular wisdom" I was censured by removal of my post on the importance of the Masonic movement in America -Mason means freedom, womens rights ,self-determination etc. and Hancock and minions can't handle that fact that Shangri-La is Camp David in the USA. We need all the world leaders and religions to meet at Shangri-La and work for world peace. And if you can't handle here shame on you. Will

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Benazir Bhutto 738 Will 15-Oct-01 07:09
Errr, Will? 224 Pat 15-Oct-01 09:59
Re: Errr, Will? 230 Ash 15-Oct-01 10:41
Re: Errr, Will? 238 Will 16-Oct-01 23:33
Re: Errr, Will? 464 Ash 17-Oct-01 03:41

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