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Hi Barry,

my personal point of view about prophecies is that it appears to be something we must interpret using what we (current) know as caos theory and complexity theory. In that sense, I believe useful meaning can be found in prophecies like st. Malachy and Nostradamus.

I share with you the idea of “cycles”, and I prefer use other word for that - “patterns”, the same way caos theory teache us that a particular pattern of behavior repeat itself again and again in one aparently caotic set of related data.

The “end of the days” aparently mean that our globally structured system of politics, economics and organizations are going to experience a very deep CHANGE in form(ation), shape and substance. And if we want to accept the word of the majority of the prophets, them the change can better be describe as in form of “great shake” … (on NON-LINEAR in the language of caos).

In that light, I really believe in the prophecies and the prophets to serve us with some useful set of ideas about what can expect from our present enviroment.

Valter Fukuoka

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