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Hi Bent,

I've done a lot of thinking the last years about our world and the problems in it. I do a lot of different things- European Youth Parliament, Envrionment studies and activism, participating in discussion all around my country- to make this a better place. I am a family man as well. I'm doing my part, do not worry.
Like I stated in my main post " a better world begins with selfcritisism". Let us acknowledge our mistakes. so that we can learn form them. Let us be honest with ourselves and with others. Let us protest against those who make the mistakes on purpose. Let us vote for people with a global perspective. Let us work at home and wherever we can. Let us work on a fair, clean, safe world, a world where there is justice and peace. We all have to our part. Me and you, whether it is in the UN-Security Council or at dinner with aunt Anna. I'm sure you agree with this.



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