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Dear all, I have some questions for you. Please read them. I do not need answers to these questions just some thinking and a will to change the earth and make it a bteer place.

*For what reason were 6000 people killed in the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Pennsylavania?
*Why did all around the world 40000 people die on the 11th September?
*Why did major broadcasting companies wait till after the attacks of the 11th of September to broadcast the executions of Afghan women in a football stadium?
*Why are people neglecting the fact that Omar Abdel Rahman, the probable killer of Sadat, the democraticly chosen Egyptian president, was trained by the CIA to fight against communism and later committed the first attack on the World Trade Center?
*Why is the "farewell letter" of Mohammed Atta full of mistakes and theological impossibilities?
*Is it just strange coincidence that Afghanistan is the world's greatest producer of opium and is it just coincidence that important pipelines run through Afghanistan?
*Why were the Taliban trained in Pakistan and why does their doctrine come from Saudi-Arabia?
*Why are the Taliban doing what they do?
*Why did the CIA train Osama Bin Laden?
*Why are muslimfundamentalists so obsessed with the US?
*Why are people ignoring a jewish prayer that says: "I thank you God for not making me a woman"?
*Why did the West shut up when Saddam murdered the Kurds and the communists in Iraq?
*Why is Ariel Sharon still free?
*Why are atrocities punished in Belgrade and Baghdad and not in Zagreb, Beijing, Islamabad and Tel Aviv?
*Did you know that China, Saudi-Arabia, the US and Iran are responsible for 88% of all the death penalty executions?
*Why is the life of a Palestinian of less value than that of an Israeli?
*Who killed Salvador Allende and supported the military junta's in Latin-America?
*Why are Kuwait and Saudi-Arabia, two totally undemocratic and atrocites committing countries, supported by the US?
*Why is the story of "1000 and one nights" prohibited in Egypt?
*Why are gays executed in large parts of the Arab world?
*Why is Israel attacking Palestinian civilians with F-16's?
*Has anyone ever burned a candle for the 500000 children in Iraq who were murdered by the US?
*Why are crime rates higher in the US than in Europe?
*Why is the US supporting Israel?
*Why is zionism allowed by the US?
*Why is there an embargo against Cuba and not against the US or China?
*Why is a US citizen called an American and an Argentina citizen an Argentinian?
*Why are the reports of Amnesty International never on the frontpages in the US?
*Why does Africa receive only 1% of all investments in the world?
*Why do we always forget the names of African capitals and their leaders?*Why is the sum of European protectionism equal to that of the investments in Africa?
*Why did/do the European countries and the US exploit Africa?
*Why did 17 of the 22 million Aids-victims die in Africa?
*Why is the earth heating up?
*Why does the US not worry about the Greenhouse effect?
*Why is acid rain poisening Scandinavia
*Why doesn't the US support alternative energies?
*Why is God on the American banknotes?

Working on a better world begins with self-critisism.


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