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Dear Jules,

Thank you for that information. It occurred to me as a woman, that if I lived near a military base, even within 10 miles of one and my country went into a war with a far superior foe, I would pack up my bags etc and get the hell out of the place. The civilians that were killed and the family should not have been there in the first place, if they had no affiliation with the Taliban or their henchmen. Not if they cared about their own family, that is. The residence was within one mile, not 10 as in my example.

In no way do I support "accidental bombing" of civilians, but I also like to use my logic too. I don't know what you saw on TV, but I saw a WOMAN who was UNVEILED screaming about the loss of her home and family. In accordance with the Talibans rules, she should not be speaking on TV, not be unveiled etc. It just didn't "fit" with all the BS about their fundementalism. As I have also watched an interview with a fundementalist who told the interviewer that; because their group had defeated the second largest power (the Soviets) they thought and still think that they can take on the USA and win. My logic tells me that this is also weird for these fundementalists too. Not once did he say something along the lines of "With the help of Allah". We see the name of Allah invoked in all the propaganda clips, but when it comes to actually talking to one of those that have been closest to the Taliban, Allah seems to come a long way down on their list of priorities.

OK, that is my 2 cents contribution. Thanks for bringing this fact to our attention. I just commented because nobody has expressed an interest or a comment in this regard.


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