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Hello Jules

Good points...

Pre-positioning of military assets varies from nation to nation...
America has National Guard bases inside city limits...fighter aircraft and ordiance at public or civic airports..

a few years ago..a guy stole an M-60 tank..and went joy riding..
major damage ensued...they shot him onCNN.

However..the tactic of engaging your enemy is best represented in all its the middle east...

when you have insufficient fire power...shooting and pre-postioned ambushes from homes and the like well in a myriad of ways..
for the benefit of those..who initiate the violence...

Hizbullah lobs reockets into northern Israel...this may go on for a short while...but eventually IDF forces react...
helicopter gunships roll in..along with some mechanized ground

The Hizbullah participants go to meet ALLAH...( This is all glorious)..
some IDF members are killed or wounded....

lots of homes are destroyed...and body parts everwhere...
next day ..comes photo journalists...interviews by enraged Lebanese...
some street hysteria..with dead bodies being carried..and lots of Palistinian
flag waving and shouting to "Allah"..

all of this runs on AL Jazeera -24 hours....incredible phsycological

Israeli government begins answering phone calls from PISSED OFF
world governments...and verbal spanking ensues..

Next week...when 10 or more LUNATICS are worked up..and pre-positioned
this same event will happen in The Lebanon...or right inside Israel...

it works..that is why they do it....

either way..the Israeli's loose...and that is the objective...

look fo it to happen in a village near you..

Film at eleven....

Brad....someone who knows history..all to well.

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