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Maybe something positive dear John Carlo;

America is taking the beating for the Dutch, who in fact are the prime financial power behind many of the major American Companies. Look it up. Search for those multinationals like
ING Group
Royal Ahold
KPMG Accountants
and so on...

You'll be amazed by these guys who own US insurrance companies (through ING Group), malls (through Ahold), financial and banking organizations (ABN AMRO, ING and Rabo), oil companies (through Shell), gasdistributers (like Holox, which is owned by Dutch company Hoek Loos). The lot.

But the Dutch almost always let the companies they take over (or already own) keep their original name out of marketing strategy.

For instance; You probably never heard of Royal Ahold. Still it operates approximately 7,000 supermarkets, hypermarkets and other store formats in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia with annualized sales approaching USD 50 billion. Ahold ontinues to expand in the United States, its largest market. Recently, the company said that it intends to buy another 56 supermarket and eight other sites from bankrupt retailer Grand Union, situated in the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island. Ahold also announced that it has bought yet another food service company, Parkway, which operates in West Florida.
To continue my example,
Peapod, Ahold's e-commerce company in the United States, continues to expand. It has bought, an on-line shopping and delivery service based in Westwood, Massachusetts, with annualized sales of approximately USD 35 million. It also covers the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore markets where Giant-Landover, a wholly-owned Ahold subsidiary, has many of its stores. The transaction will accelerate the development of Giant-Landover's e-commerce and home delivery services to its customers.
During the last year, Ahold has continued to buy enterprises in different parts of the United States, apparently to establish a comprehensive distribution network for its e-commerce operations.

ING Americas, headquartered in Atlanta, is part of Amsterdam-based ING Group (NYSE: ING), one of the largest integrated financial services organizations in the world. To date, ING Americas and its affiliates have $163 billion in assets under management. No small pie.

Well, the list goes on and on. So Carlo,
Don't feel guilty when people say bad things about your country. It's not just you. It's all of us, for I wonder if the US would have taken the present steps if the entire 'free' world would have given a thumbs-down on military action.

And as any nation with unlimited possibilities, you stumble and fall every now and then. Let's get on our feet, learn and better ourselves.


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